Supplement Bundles

I don’t believe in multivitamins. The reason being that I want to empower you to know exactly what your taking and why. I want you to take a very targeting and bespoke approach to supplementation. When you take a multivitamin you often don’t know what you’re taking. This can be risky for many reasons eg. maybe there’s biotin in your multivitamin but you didn’t spot it amongst the long list of ingredients. Biotin can disrupt lab assays and result in missed diagnoses of heart attack and thyroid disease. Or maybe there’s calcium in there? Did you know that calcium may increase risk of heart disease by depositing in coronary arteries? For this reason, calcium should be on prescription only after discussion with your doctor in my opinion. So with that said, I’ll never develop a multivitamin. However, I do recognise that you may have a few areas of health concern meaning you need a few items from Supplements Made Simple. This allows you to develop a bespoke and unique supplement routine for your individual needs. I’ve listened to your feedback and developed some bundles targeting the most common concerns you’ve discussed with me! Let’s get in to it: