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Fertility Treatment; What To Eat During The Two Week Wait, Part 2

Welcome back to the continuation of our discussion on what to eat during the Two Week Wait (TWW)! If you missed the first part, no worries, you can catch up here.

Now that we've laid down the evidence-based groundwork, let's dive into some practical tips that I often share with my clients as they prepare for the TWW:

Eat a Rainbow: Nutritional Tips for the Two Week Wait

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, aim for variety! Choosing a colourful array ensures you're getting a wide range of antioxidants, which are crucial for nurturing your embryo and protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

Caffeine Consciousness: How to Manage Your Intake During the TWW

High caffeine consumption has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage, so sticking to the recommended limit of 200mg per day is advisable. Remember, caffeine can be found not only in coffee and tea but also in chocolate, energy drinks, cola, and certain teas like green tea, so keep tabs on your overall intake!

Supplement Savvy: Advice from a Fertility Expert

Have you reassessed your supplement regimen post-embryo transfer? Navigating fertility supplements can feel like deciphering a complex puzzle, and that's where a fertility dietitian can offer invaluable guidance on dosage, timing, and duration. Ensure you're continuing essential supplements like folic acid and vitamin D as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Wholegrain Goodness: Incorporating Nutrient-Rich Foods into Your Diet

Incorporate a variety of whole grains into your diet. Not only are they associated with improved chances of implantation, but they also pack a nutrient punch essential for fertility and pregnancy. Easy to use examples include wholemeal bread, oats, and quinoa.

Food Hygiene: Tips for Safe Eating During the TWW

During the TWW, adhere to pregnancy food guidelines, which include avoiding potential sources of listeria such as raw seafood, pre-prepared salads, and soft cheeses. It's all about minimising risk and prioritising your health and wellbeing.

Self-Care Strategies for the TWW: Prioritising Your Wellbeing

Take a moment to tune in to your needs during these crucial two weeks. Whether it's finding healthy distractions, indulging in pampering rituals, or politely sidestepping well-meaning advice to "just relax," prioritise self-care. Remember, this time is about you and your journey, so embrace the opportunity to focus on self-nurture and empowerment.

If you're currently navigating the TWW or preparing for it, I’m sending you my best wishes.

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